How To Keep Your AC Safe From The Houston Heat

The hot season in Houston can feel unbelievably long. Temperatures steadily rise between May through August. The pavement gets sizzling hot, and even pool water can feel lukewarm. The hottest months of the year routinely leave Houstonians putting their thermostats at the lowest temperature possible in hopes of cooling down their homes. 

Many people have no idea that there’s an ideal thermostat setting for summer. Many are wary of placing their thermostats too high. Others have their own idea of a perfect temperature, but setting your thermostat to the right temperature is beneficial to the life of your AC system. However, there are some dangers to this method.

Learn more about how to keep your AC safe from the Houston heat by placing your thermostat setting for summer, checking the filters, and blocking light.

How To Keep Your AC Safe From The Houston Heat

There are a few steps you can take to prolong the life of your HVAC system and stay comfortable during the hot summer months in Houston.

Place Your Thermostat Setting For Summer

The optimal temperature for your thermostat is 78℉. Does it sound too high? Hear us out. Because there is a way to get to this temperature safely without shocking your system too much.

Start by working your way up to 78℉. If you put it to that setting immediately, you may find you’re uncomfortable right away. Instead, inch up your thermostat a degree at a time until your body has adjusted fully to the change. Then, you can focus on AC alternatives to help you keep cool.

Are you going on vacation? You can bump up the thermostat right before you leave between 85℉ and 90℉. However, if you have pets staying in the house while you’re away, keep the temperature at 78℉ for their safety.

Have AC Alternatives Handy

There are other ways to cool down while you have placed your thermostat setting at 78℉ for summer. For example, you can keep the ceiling fans in each room on or have portable ones around the house in rooms you use most often. You can also open the windows to let cooler air in at night (that is if it’s not raining or the humidity isn’t too high). Keep the screens on to protect your home from unwanted pests and insects.

Turn The Lights Off 

You may not realize how much of an impact lights can have on the temperature of your home. Turn off room lights, lamps, and other devices that use a harsh traditional bulb. You can cool down a room a few degrees by doing so.

Next, you can visit your local store for LED or other energy-saving bulbs. LED bulbs give off an amazing amount of light without getting hot to the touch and heating up the space around you.

Block Out Direct Sunlight

Natural light gives a home a fantastic and open look. However, sunlight can leave your living area feeling more like a sauna rather than an oasis. Instead of leaving natural light pouring in at all times of the day, consider using blackout curtains to keep the light out. Blackout curtains are an affordable way to block excess rays and keep your home cool during the summer months. You can also use blinds or shades to block natural light. 

Again, any way you can cool down your home without stressing your AC unit, the better. When you implement some of these strategies, your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature in each room.

Sleep Cool

Are you a hot sleeper? Mattress ads aside, there is another way to keep cool while you sleep. In addition to having a fan on, you should consider buying breathable sheets for your bed. There are a ton of fabrics and materials used today that provide moisture-wicking benefits while you sleep.

A few fabrics you should consider:

  • Bamboo
  • Linen
  • Pure cotton
  • Eucalyptus
  • Percale

Fresh bedding not enough? Book an appointment with our AC professionals to get started on AC repairs or maintenance.

Change Air Filters As Needed

Change your air filters every 30-90 days depending on whether you have sensitivities or pets living in your home. New filters keep cool, healthy air circulating through each room.

By not changing your air filters, you’re forcing your AC unit to work harder to produce cool, clean air into your home. If your AC unit works too hard, it could break at the time you least expect.

Ensure it runs smooth and works only as hard as it needs to with clean air filters every 30 days. Air filters are affordable and can be bought in bulk so that you don’t continually need to remind yourself to add them to your grocery list. Keep them stored in their wrapping in a dark and cool place until they’re ready to be used. 

Invest In A Smart Thermostat

Using a smart thermostat with your HVAC can help you save money and help regulate the temperature throughout your home. Choose the right wall to place it on. Then, program it to the right temperature during the day, whenever you’re away, and at night. The sensors within it should work to the advantage of your HVAC system by allowing it only to cool and heat when necessary.

Unfreeze An AC Unit

If you’ve noticed your AC seems to be working more than usual but somehow still fails to cool your home, you could have a problem with ice on your AC unit. Typically, the cause of this is low refrigerant. Turn the unit off and allow it to defrost. Then, call a professional to add refrigerant and get it back running properly.

Get Regular AC Maintenance

We tend not to call the professionals until it’s too late, and there’s a more expensive problem on our hands. 

Avoid this by getting regular maintenance on your AC unit. Tagging in the professionals even twice a year can make all the difference and greatly improve the life of your HVAC system.

Getting a maintenance check in the fall and spring can allow you to be aware of any problems before it gets too hot or too cold. Ask your AC professional for additional tips and tricks on keeping your AC unit in working condition.

Keep Your AC Safe From The Houston Heat With The AC Repair Experts

Putting on the right thermostat setting for summer is a great way to save your AC from becoming overworked. If you have noticed your AC system acting up and think you may need professional help, call the Valderrama Air Conditioning and Refrigeration team. With over 35 years of experience working on HVAC systems in the Greater Houston Area, we know AC repairs, maintenance, and more. Book an appointment and get your AC back in tip-top shape.