6 Benefits To Replacing Air Filters For Air Conditioning Units

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Changing the air filters in air conditioning units is more important than you think.

Ask yourself, do you have allergies? Does more than one person live in your home? What about pets? Are you on top of keeping your home clean?

It’s okay to be honest! 

We don’t all have the same time and resources to keep our homes spotless. Nevertheless, if you have allergies, pets, or multiple people living under the same roof, routinely changing AC air filters is one small thing you can do to keep your home’s air clean.

We understand that you may not even know how to change your AC filter. But once you do, you’ll be amazed at the results! Here are all the benefits of changing your air filter, and we’ll even teach you how to change it yourself.

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1. Minimize Your Exposure To Bacteria, Mold, Fungus, And Other Germs

Dirt, mold, and dander thrive in a home without a clean air filter. If you’re not changing yours enough, it could be causing you and your family harm. A clean air filter can trap harmful agents like bacteria and other germs (hello, flu season), keeping them out of your personal space.

If you’re one of the 18% of Americans who don’t regularly change their air filter, it’s time to reconsider. 

2. Purify The Air Around You And Improve Allergy Issues

Anyone with allergies knows the feeling…your eyes begin to itch, and you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s the absolute worst! The sneezing is non-stop, and your throat may even start to close up.

Spring and summer are gorgeous here in the U.S. You can hike, swim, bike, or enjoy a day of outdoor activities with friends. Even so, each season comes with its own set of allergy problems. 

Unfortunately, pollen, spores, grass, and grass pollen also go hand-in-hand with spring and summer. Then, fall and winter are both filled with mold spores and ragweed. Additionally, pet dander, dust mites, and fur circulate regardless of the season.

For those with allergies, it can be tough to catch a break! However, stay on top of replacing your AC air filter every one to three months, and you’ll feel some relief in the comfort of your own home. Your HVAC system will better filter out those harsh allergens and leave your home feeling crisp and clean.

3. Improve The Life Of Your HVAC System

Cleaning your air filters can improve your health and increase the longevity of your HVAC system. A clean filter means your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard to keep consistent airflow. 

Additionally, a backed-up or filthy air filter can cause your motor to overwork and possibly overheat. If this happens, your entire HVAC system can start smoking. This fire hazard is easily preventable by regularly replacing the air filter. 

Air filters for air conditioning units cost anywhere from $5 to $100, depending on the type compatible with your system. However, even the pricer air filters are still cheaper than prematurely replacing your HVAC system. You can even purchase air filters in a pack to lower the price and avoid multiple grocery or hardware store trips.

4. There’s A Cost-Saving Advantage

Remember when we said changing your filter means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard? This also means less maintenance and repairs down the line because you’re not overworking your AC system. 

Furthermore, you could even save on your energy bill – up to 15% a month! Keeping your HVAC unit set on its automatic setting and equipped with a clean filter can cause you big savings and allow your HVAC to work as it should.

5. Better Temperature Control

Changing air filters is critical to your HVAC system’s ability to maintain the right temperature. If you haven’t changed your air filters in quite some time, you may notice your AC works harder to keep cool. Likewise, in the wintertime, it may work harder to heat and smell like something is burning. Swap out old air filters for a new one, and you’ll notice a difference right away.

6. It’s More Energy-Efficient

We’ve talked about how much money you can save by replacing your AC filter. It’s true. But did you also know that filter replacement can reduce your energy consumption by up to 15%

Excess energy consumption is a growing problem, and we should all do what we can to reduce energy consumption to create a better environment for tomorrow.

How To Change Your AC’s Air Filter

Now that you know why you should change your air filter, it’s time to learn how. To run optimally, your air conditioning unit needs a new air filter every one to three months.

Step 1: Buy The Correct Size Air Filters

Before you get started, make sure to buy the correct filter size for your AC unit. If you don’t already know the right size, follow the steps below.

Step 2: Locate The Air Filters

Locate all the air filters throughout your home. They can be on the ceilings, walls, floors, or in utility closets. You should also see a grill covering the air filter.

Step 3: Remove The Air Filter Cover

Unlatch, unhook, or unscrew the grill cover to expose the old AC filter. Your old filter may look surprisingly gray or black (a fresh AC filter will be white).

Here is where you can look at the filter to check out the size. The numbers will read like 1x2x3 on the side of the filter.

Step 4: Throw Away Used Filters

Take out the used air filter and throw it away. Allergens and other particles on used air filters can quickly become airborne again. You’ll want to remove dirty air filters from your house as soon as possible.

Step 5: Install The New Air Filter

Take a look at your new air filter and find the airflow direction arrow. Because your HVAC system pulls air in, the arrow needs to point in the airflow direction or towards the wall to work correctly.

Step 6: That’s It! Close The Grill

Finally, you can close the grill and lock your fresh air filter in place.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to breathe cleaner air all month long.

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