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Houston Electrical Contractors

A safe and efficient electrical system is essential for every home and business. Everything from installation to repair to ongoing maintenance must be done in accordance with safety norms and relevant codes and regulations. Our Houston electrical contractors have the necessary experience, knowledge, and work ethic to deliver the results our customers need. 

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Our Electrical Services

The needs of a residence and commercial property are often quite different. The Houston electrical contractors at Valderrama AC & Refrigeration can handle all three. 

Residential Electricians

Here are just a few of the ways that our electrical contractors can help homeowners:

Setup & Wiring

Over time, a home's electrical system may become outdated or overloaded with devices, leading to potential safety risks such as electrical fires or electrocution. We’ll assess a home's electrical system and recommend upgrades or rewiring to ensure that it is up-to-date and meets all relevant safety codes.

Panel Installation

An electrical panel is the central hub of a home's electrical system, distributing electricity throughout the house. We can install new electrical panels, upgrade existing ones to handle increased electrical loads, or replace outdated and unsafe panels. This not only ensures that the home has sufficient electricity, but also reduces the risk of electrical hazards such as fires.

Surge Protection

Power surges can occur when there is a sudden increase in electrical current, potentially damaging appliances, and electronics, and even causing fires. Our dependable team can install whole-house surge protectors that provide protection against voltage spikes, protecting valuable electronics.

Outlet Installation & Repair

We’ll install new outlets where needed or repair damaged or non-functioning outlets to ensure that they are working safely and efficiently.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

The ceiling fan is a great boon on a hot Texas day, keeping air moving through the home. They are an energy-efficient way to circulate air and keep rooms cool. Valderrama AC & Refrigeration can install new ceiling fans or repair existing ones to ensure they are working correctly, including proper wiring and grounding, and provide maximum efficiency and safety.

Our Houston electrical contractors can be reached by calling (281) 942-6587 or by filling out our online contact form today. 

Commercial & Industrial Electricians

The needs of a business property start with everything noted above for a home, and then expand to include the following: 

Equipment Installation

Industrial and commercial buildings often require specialized electrical equipment, such as generators, transformers, or machinery. Our electricians can install new equipment, ensuring that it is properly wired and grounded, and providing efficient and safe operation.

System Design

Electrical systems in commercial and industrial properties are complex, requiring careful planning and design to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. We’ll work diligently and methodically to design new electrical systems or modify existing ones, taking into account factors such as power usage, wiring, and grounding, to provide optimal performance.

Security Alarms

Security is a top priority for commercial and industrial properties, and electricians play an essential role in connecting security systems such as alarms, switches, and lights. By integrating these systems with the electrical system, we help the alarms work correctly and provide maximum protection against intruders and other security risks.


Electrical equipment in commercial and industrial properties can break down or become damaged over time, leading to potential safety hazards or inefficiencies, which can result in higher utility costs. We’ll perform repairs, upgrades, and routine maintenance as needed. 

Commercial vs. Industrial Electricians

It’s important to note that while commercial and industrial electrical needs often overlap, they are not the same. Commercial is used to refer to the needs of office buildings, restaurants, and other businesses that don’t necessarily rely on heavy equipment. Industrial businesses, by definition, have more of that heavy equipment. It’s imperative that their electricians have the appropriate experience and necessary certifications to handle such work. At Valderrama AC & Refrigeration, we do. 

Serving the Community

Valderrama AC & Refrigeration is a family-owned business and that’s something that has a real impact on the kind of service we deliver. We rely on our good reputation to grow, and we’re personally invested in the community that we serve. That means we’re committed to prompt service, open communication, and dependable work. 

Call Valderrama AC & Refrigeration at (281) 942-6587 or contact us online today to get a free estimate on your electrical needs. 

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  • Family Owned & Operated
    With 35+ years of HVAC experience, we're proud to serve our community and truly care for our customers.
  • Customer Protection & Care
    We are very mindful of all COVID-19 safety protocols and we ensure our customers that our technicians will arrive in protective gear for your safety and theirs.
  • Reliable & Efficient Technicians
    We are happy to offer same-day services and 24/7 emergency availability. That way, our customers are always comfortable.

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