6 Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Checked or Repaired


The last thing you want to deal with in the middle of winter is a furnace breakdown. If the weather is cold enough, your pipes might be damaged, and your home could be too uncomfortable to stay in. You may need emergency heating repairs to get your home warm again.

If you are on the alert for signs of a furnace malfunction, you can call for furnace repairs before your furnace breaks down completely. Here are six signs that your furnace needs to be checked on by a professional and possibly repaired.

1. Your Power Bills Are Higher

When your furnace malfunctions, it may still run, but it may operate inefficiently or run longer than usual. These problems run up your power bill. If your power bills are suddenly higher than usual, you may want to ask your utility provider if there was a recent hike in gas or electrical prices in your area.

If not, you may want to have your furnace checked so it can be restored to normal function. This could reduce your power bills and protect your furnace from a breakdown.

2. The Air Isn't Hot

A furnace that blows out cold air is a problem you need to fix right away. This problem has a few causes. It could be an issue with your thermostat, a problem with the burners in your electric furnace, or an issue with the ignition system in your gas furnace. A furnace repair technician will troubleshoot the problem and make repairs so your furnace blows out hot air again and warms your home to a comfortable level.

3. The Air isn't Very Strong

In addition to making hot air, the furnace must blow it through your home with enough force to keep your house warm. If the airflow coming from your furnace isn't strong enough, your furnace may run longer to keep your home warm.

This problem happens when there is an airflow issue. The filter might be blocked with dust, or the blower may not be functioning at maximum capacity. These problems must be fixed, or your furnace may stop blowing air completely, and then your house will get cold.

4. The Furnace Makes Odd Noises or Odors

If you notice a change in your furnace, such as strange noises or odors, this could be a sign that something is going wrong with the parts. For example, if you begin to smell fuel, burning rubber, or melting plastic, this is a solid indication that you should have your furnace checked.

On the other hand, if your furnace is suddenly loud when it runs or if it makes popping noises when it starts up, there could be something wrong with the ignition or other parts in your furnace. Your furnace might break down if repairs are not made promptly.

5. It's Getting Harder to Control the Heat

If your furnace is old, it may need more and more frequent repairs to keep it working properly. This could be a sign your furnace has a major problem or is wearing down and will soon need to be replaced. You might also notice you need to adjust the thermostat more often and your furnace is just more difficult to control.

A repair technician can check your system, which includes the furnace, thermostat, and ducts to see what's causing the problem. You might need a new thermostat or duct repairs to help your furnace work. The insulation in your attic might also be to blame if it’s wet from a roof leak and isn't protecting your home and furnace any longer.

6. The Furnace Short-Cycles

Short cycling is a condition where your furnace starts up and runs for a short time and then shuts down. After a short pause, it starts back up and repeats the process. Some furnaces may shut down completely after a few cycles. If your furnace short cycles or runs all day without shutting off, your power bill will escalate, and your furnace will have excess wear until the problem is fixed.

If you suspect your furnace may have problems or is in need of maintenance, contact Valderrama A/C & Refrigeration. We're available for emergency and same-day service calls.